Award winner: The WF trac 2010

The WF trac 2010 received the KwF Innovation Medal at the 11th INTERFORST, one of the largest international exhibitions for forestry operations and technology, held in Munich. Werner's newest vehicle impressed the independent jury of experts representing the committee for forestry operations and technology. The committee praised the forestry vehicle from Trier for outstanding innovation and promising future prospects.


Since the 1950s, Werner has been producing cable winches and special equipment for vehicles used in the forestry and industrial sectors, with the UNIMOG serving as an example. Starting in the early 1990s, the engineers and technicians in Trier's Ehrang section have also been developing, engineering and building the WF trac. Recent decades have witnessed a consistent series of development advances, modernizations and optimizations in each successive model of this highly-specialized forestry vehicle for professional timber transport.


Now, Werner has presented the newest model – the WF trac 2010 – to the public at the INTERFORST international specialist exhibition, where the company was awarded the KwF innovation medal for its pioneering efforts in the past two decades. Werner's Managing Director Harry Thiele received the award from Bavarian Minister of State Helmut Brunner on the grounds of Munich's Interforst event on July 14th. Brunner praised the modular design concept and the modern engines featuring advanced BlueTec exhaust-emissions technology as well as the independent steering and rotating cab on the WF trac 2010, while also emphasizing the concept's value as a role model for timber transport.


The new WF trac combines proven elements from its predecessors with a new mix of Werner innovations and modern engine technology. For the first time, the WF trac can be ordered not only as a four-wheel-drive vehicle, but also as a version with six driven wheels. Aside from the clean engine technology and numerous, carefully conceived details, the central innovation in the new WF trac concept consists of a modular design that allows users to equip the vehicle for a wide array of applications. Including activities such as cut-to-length and tree-length timber transport, harvester duty and refuse removal as well as use as a salt and gravel sprayer in municipal service. The WF trac 2010's rotating cab, with a travel range covering 270 degrees, represents genuinely impressive development work on the part of the engineers in Trier. The previous model had already defined the standards for occupational safety and ergonomic design in forestry operations. The cab of the WF trac 2010 is even more spacious, comfortable and ergonomic in layout.

The winner of the KwF Innovation Medal for 2010.