ISB Success Award 2012

SUCCESS award for venerable Trier firm of Werner GmbH

Unique and innovative ideas impress the jury


In recognition of a thoroughly revised product range featuring its own line of forestry vehicles developed and produced in house, Werner GmbH Forestry and Industrial Technology has now been awarded a particular distinction: As one of seven companies in Rhineland-Palatinate, the firm from Trier was recently honored with a Euro 10,000 award as part of the annual SUCCESS Technology Award event.


Werner's Managing Director Harry Thiele and Technical Supervisor Peter Hagen accepted the certificate and the award from Rhineland-Palatinate's Economics Minister Eveline Lemke and Dr. Ulrich Link, Executive Board Member at the Investitions- und Strukturbank Rheinland-Pfalz (ISB), during an award ceremony in Mainz.


"Innovation is the engine and prime mover behind quality as well as the impetus for continued development in our business location," emphasized Minister Lemke in reference to the companies that enjoyed success in the competition. "They started by putting their outstanding ideas on paper, and then they applied them." "With their inventive spirit and remarkable innovations, these entrepreneurs are not only securing the futures of their individual companies, but also ensuring the future of mid-sized enterprises in Rhineland-Palatinate," noted Dr. Link. In its role as a government institution for the promotion of economic activity, the ISB is also responsible for promoting entrepreneurial boldness.


Werner Managing Director Harry Thiele views the award as a "recognition of our excellent teamwork and the high level at which our staff members identify with our company". "At the same time, the SUCCESS award will motivate us to continue developing trailblazing ideas." According to Thiele, innovation is an important prerequisite in the drive to remain competitive in the challenging international arena, and is particularly applicable to Werner GmbH.


At Trier's specialist for forestry and industrial technology, the customer can assemble the desired vehicle from a modular product range. This allows our customers to extend the propulsion vehicles to various levels to suit the target application while at the same time expanding the vehicle's potential application range. The jurors from the Economics Ministry and the ISB praised the cab, with its 270-degree rotation range, the unique independent Ackerman steering layout and compliance with European emissions standards, as especially noteworthy development achievements.


While the firm is now a global presence, the original company – a machine shop – was founded by Johann Werner in 1902. Then as now, the company's home was in the Ehrang section of Trier. The first cable winches were produced in 1928, and since 1955, these devices have formed the core business of Werner GmbH. 1961 witnessed the debut of a partnership with Unimog that continues to this day. In 1992, the venerable company from Trier introduced the first of its own vehicles – the WF-Trac 1100 – for commercial sales. Its successor, the WF-Trac 1700 with rotating cab, followed in 2003. The WF-Trac 2040 appeared in 2010. In the interim, the WF-2460 vehicles have been developed and successfully positioned in their designated 4 x 4, 6 x 6 and 8 x 8 configurations.


The 85 staff members at the Trier plant specialize in individualized solutions, custom engineered to meet the customer's own specific requirements. "At the end of the day, every vehicle that we manufacture in our plant is unique." "The phrase 'It can't be done' doesn't exist with us" is how Managing Director Thiele summarizes the Werner credo.



A. Arens