The new specialist from Werner

The new M 70.1H1 winch from Werner has been optimized for water-resource management services and forestry applications and is ideally suited for use in combination with a vehicle-mounted loading crane.

Die M 70.1H1 ZW auf einen Blick

>> Simple and robust technology in Werner quality

>> Wormgear drive and pneumatic control

>> Compact design package with substantial cable-carrying capacity on the drum

>> Spooler for even cable distribution on the cable drum

>>  Drum release under load

>> Surface brake with low-wear brake band

>>  Low wear at the clutch and brake owing to pneumatic control

>> Pinch roller

>> Combination with practical RF remote control availableh

>> Different PTO shaft versions for higher operating efficiency and higher cable speed available

>>  Variety of available versions thanks to gearset combination options

>>  Tensile force* of up to 7 tons at the lowest drumline position

>> Cable speed of up to 20 meters/minute at the upper drumline position possible.


*More specific technical data available on request.