New recovery winches from Werner

Werner has custom tailored a new winch for use by fire departments and emergency technical services in rescue and recovery operations. Thorough, precision engineering, with a special control unit and the latest safety features – all, of course, with the Werner quality that you have come to expect.


The new winch has been developed and engineered for various applications, including rescue and recovery operations conducted by fire departments and emergency-response personnel. It meets or exceeds the specifications defined in DIN 14584 and incorporates many functions that have been specially optimized for rescue and recovery use. The winch itself, intended for use as both a front-mounted and frame-mounted winch, is distinguished by its robust technology as well as a high-quality sensor system. One specific advantage offered by this winch is the well conceived drum-release system designed to allow easy cable extraction regardless of ambient temperatures.


A proportional-response joystick allows precise control of the winch. All essential data, including the current tensile force, remaining available cable length, cable slack and other information on operating status is provided by the display at the manual control station. This ensures that the operator remains aware of essential data in critical situations – even in the dark and without direct visual contact with the winch. The control system can rely on a manual control switch or be equipped with radio-frequency remote control as desired.

Control element