A bespoke installation

Since we develop and manufacture our own cable winches in-house, the possibilities are limitless. We will find precisely the right winch for every job and every vehicle. Also, owing to the fact that our winches are based on highly compact design concepts, the options for installation on your own vehicle are virtually unrestricted.


All of which means that we can mount your winch at the front, at the rear, or on the side, just where you want it. Central installation within the chassis is not a problem, either. In this configuration, we pay particular attention to the torsional stiffness of the chassis along with the supporting and tensile forces. We also, of course, consider the effects on your vehicle's frame.


In addition, we can furnish you with combinations of various mounted equipment and structures stemming from a single source. We rely on technical expertise to develop a harmonious and balanced overall package for operational efficiency. In the process, we also hold the weight of the mounted equipment to a minimum while maintaining compliance with all applicable standards.


Let somebody else try that one on for size!


Just write to us and tell us what you need. We will find a solution!