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Multifunctional muscle

Water-resource management, power and energy supplies, forestry and roadwork. For decades, the "Unimog" name has been synonymous with reliability, power and flexibility in a mobile work machine.

And you know yourself that a Unimog is always just as good as the equipment installed on it. At Werner, we manufacture only the best and most reliable equipment for the Unimog, and the way that we combine it with the Unimog and mount it is second to none.


Our engineers respond to every challenge with a solution, which our professionals then proceed to faithfully recreate in every detail on the production line. In the process, we always remember what really counts: for instance, that even extensive equipment combinations should use only minimal space and load capacity on your Unimog.

We transform your Unimog into a multifunctional workhorse. Precisely tailored to your requirements, by hand and in close cooperation with the manufacturer. Something you only get from Werner.

No matter what capabilities you want from your Unimog – just tell us!

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