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Master of combinations

Using the 700 Series Fendt Vario as our starting point, we developed the WARIO as a compact and highly functional vehicle for use in all aspects of municipal operations as well as in agricultural activities and forestry. This concept creates a single vehicle that is ready for economical operation throughout the entire year. And because the WARIO's continuously-variable Vario transmission allows it to travel at up to 50 km/h, your progress from one job site to the next is also speedy.


100 percent Fendt

For you, things remain the same. Because in creating the WARIO, we only needed to make minor revisions to the technology of the basic tractor. This means that all of the standard hydraulic connections, the hydraulic control system and the standard three-point mount are retained. Thus, it remains 100 percent Fendt up to the lower edge of the cab. Meanwhile, as all of the in-cab control elements are original Fendt equipment, you will immediately feel right at home.


Comprehensive warranty

Thanks to the body manufacturer's contract, the modalities of warranty processing are precisely governed, and the warranty coverage is retained in full, just as you would expect.


Ideal weight distribution

Owing to the rotating cab with its integral equipment rack, the auxiliary equipment can be installed at a position almost directly above the rear axle, while the front-mounted winch allows optimal steering with no need for supplementary weights. For you, this means optimal weight distribution and maximum stationary stability.

All hydraulic connections are also retained when a crane is installed.Central control stationVideo terminal from Fendt