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The most powerful in its class

Every aspect of the WF trac's 4 x 4 version has been designed to provide a high-performance forestry vehicle furnishing virtually unequaled levels of flexibility. The front axle features hydropneumatic suspension and independent Ackerman steering, while the hull structure with pivot bearing and swivel-mount travel stops allows maximum torsion angles of +/-15 ยบ and climb-over heights of 690 mm.



The WF trac's application range can be expanded by combining it with an array of mounted equipment assemblies to render it suitable for a wide array of duties. In its skidder role, the WF trac is equipped with a slope support including a front rumbling blade and swiveling wood bunk, a high-performance Werner front-mounted winch and a powerful skidding crane from the Palfinger Epsilon M and S Classes. The crane can be operated with a harvester assembly or forestry mulcher, while the rear PTO can transfer the engine's full power potential of up to 240 horsepower. With the appropriate equipment, the 4 x 4 version is also suitable for use in municipal services. The winch generates tractive force of up to 10 tons with a cable length as long as 150 meters. Rapid conversions to the harvester assembly make the WF trac an all-round harvesting unit with extensive performance potential. The ideal front slope angle endows the WF trac with even greater poise on rough and uneven terrain.



AdBlue technology and the SCR catalytic converter represent state-of-the-art engine design and ensure that the WF trac remains especially considerate to the natural environment while simultaneously saving fuel. The independent Ackerman steering minimizes the impact on ground surfaces while the stringent safety demands placed on all components combine to create the WF trac's complex and comprehensive safety concept. Additional safety is supplied by the remote control for the cable winch, the engine-management system and brakes for vehicle motion control, and the optional SOS function for immediate assistance in the event of an emergency.

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