No compromises

The WF trac 8 x 8 from Werner is the only genuinely uncompromising concept being sold today. It offers you two units in a single package: Fully equipped as a forwarder with rear car operated by a live mechanical PTO shaft, it is ideally suited for cut-to-length timber harvesting, while detaching the rear car transforms it into a full-service skidder for harvesting tree-length timber. And because the remote control lets a single person complete conversion activities in a mere 10 minutes, the WF trac 8 x 8 is the consummate forestry machine.



The WF trac 8 x 8 consistently embodies the ideal high-performance unit for forestry operations. The front axle features hydropneumatic suspension and independent Ackerman steering, while the hull structure with pivot bearing and swivel-mount travel stops allows maximum torsion angles of +/-15 ยบ and climb-over heights of 690 mm. Thanks to the combination of Ackerman and fifth-wheel steering, it offers the best turning circle in its class, and because the live PTO shaft ensures that all 8 wheels transmit the same level of tractive force, it is particularly well-suited to use in rough terrain. And, of course, the full engine power of up to 240 horsepower is also optionally available to you at the rear PTO shaft.


With its KwF certification, the WF trac forwarder complies with all requirements for participation in public contract bidding rounds in its 4 x 4 and 8 x 8 versions.



Optional detachment of the rear car quickly transforms the WF trac 8 x 8 into a 4 x 4 skidder with slope support, swiveling wood bunks, a high-powered Werner front-mounted winch and a high-performance skidding crane from the Palfinger M or S Class. The crane can be operated with the harvester module or skidding tong.

  • Can be converted to a 4 x 4 skidder in 10 minutes by just one person
  • The winch provides a tractive force of up to 10 tons through a cable length extending up to 150 meters.
  • The ideal front slope angle makes it even easier for the WF trac to deal with uneven terrain; differential lock on all three axles
  • Even when loaded, the WF trac 8 x 8 is approved for speeds of up to 40 km/h on public roads


AdBlue technology and the SCR catalytic converter represent state-of-the-art engine design and make the WF trac extremely environmentally friendly. The rear car's mechanical drive system is automatically deactivated at speeds over 12 km/h for added fuel savings. The independent Ackerman steering endows the WF trac with extremely accurate tracking to ensure that all tires run along a single path, minimizing ground damage. Additional safety is supplied by the remote control and the optional SOS function for immediate assistance in the event of an emergency.

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