Powerful and economical

In the WF trac, the powerful propulsion unit and the ergonomic rotating cab are complemented by an ultra-modern, power-splitting S-Matic transmission featuring continuously variable conversion ratios. For working with no interruptions in the continuous flow of tractive force, with high efficiency levels and extreme economy. 


Powerful and efficient

The propulsion system features a Mercedes MTU 6-cylinder powerplant (238 HP, 7.2 liters of displacement, 850 Nm of torque) and, with a top speed of 50 km/h, it is faster than any other forestry vehicle when on the road. The WF trac incorporates modern AdBlue and SCR catalytic converter technology for conformity with EUROMOT 3B. This translates into a fuel savings of between 15 and 20 percent, or an especially economical 0.5 liters per solid meter.


Flexible and economical

The continuously variable, power-splitting S-Matic transmission provides 75 percent more tractive force than its predecessor; with no direct ratio between engine and travel speeds, it allows extremely economical highway operation at 1,450 rpm and 40 km/h. Your advantage: an ideal relationship between speed and tractive force, extreme economy and optimal operating efficiency with uninterrupted power transfer. And the transfer case, completely developed and manufactured by Werner, allows integration of a transmission PTO shaft or live PTO shaft, with full engine power as an option.