Ergonomic and comfortable

Numerous design details and functionality features make the cab of the WF trac a modern workplace where all of the vehicle's functions can be controlled at a central control station using the touchscreen and a joystick.


The interior of the centrally positioned cab with its 270-degree rotation range on the WF trac is cleanly designed and has been optimized for ideal ergonomics; equipped with a steering column allowing both height and tilt adjustments, it opens up completely new horizons in visibility during active operation.


To provide you with the ultimate in convenient access to all servicing points, the cab can be tilted to either side, and it has also been certified in ROPS and FOPS testing for ensured high levels of safety. An expansive plowing window provides an unrestricted view of the vehicle, while the automatic climate control creates an optimal working climate in all kinds of weather. The ergonomically designed step ensures ease of entry, and the large interior compartment provides room for a second seat as well as numerous storage surfaces and compartments along with a cooler.

Rotating cab gallery

270-degree field of visionPassenger seatAutomatic climate controlCoolerView from aboveCentral control station