An optimal service and maintenance concept is a declared objective at Werner. Maintenance hatches furnish convenient access to the transmission, vehicle electronic systems and engine as well as to the vital servicing locations.


The batteries are installed in the highly accessible headlight housing for ease of service, while the engine compartment can also be completely exposed for access from three sides. The main battery switch is located adjacent to the engine cover. The central service hatch, allowing simple access to the entire vehicle hydraulic system, is located behind the cab entry, and the fold-away fuel tank makes it extremely easy to reach other service points such as the transmission filter. The cab can also be tilted on both sides to make accessing the transfer case a model of simplicity. Meanwhile, the oil tank can be folded back for unrestricted access to the engine.


This saves time and expense while holding downtime to a minimum.

Gallery Service

BatteryCab tiltedMain battery switchVehicle hydraulic unitAccess to engineCentral service hatch